Joseph G. Bonito Award

The Joseph G. Bonito Servant Leadership Award is presented to a Jenks graduating student who is unanimously selected by the student directors as the person who best exemplifies the Jenks program's motto “learning for leadership and leadership for service.”


Joe Bonito '79 is the Senior Vice President, Learning & Leadership Development Executive at Bank of America. He holds a BA from Boston College, an MS from the University of Pennsylvania and an Executive Masters in Human Resource Leadership from Rutgers University. As an undergraduate student, Joe participated in what was then the Paraprofessional Leader Group (PLG) and later served as a student director. Dubbed by Sandy Jenks as a "rough gem," Joe admired and emulated Sandy and since his graduation from BC has continued to give back to the program by leading workshops year after year. In the words of one student who benefited from Joe's tutelage, "Joe has been an invaluable foundation and glue to Jenks, and the PLG before that. His unselfish commitment and service to this organization has been exemplary and in the true spirit of Sandy Jenks." Joe has given almost four decades of service to the Jenks Leadership Program, and as we mark the 50th anniversary of the Jenks program, the Joseph G. Bonito Servant Leadership Award has been created in his honor.


Joe Bonito and Susan Kourtis


Over the past sixteen months, I have had the privilege of getting to know this inspiring individual and have only grown to respect and admire her more. Susan Kourtis is an involved member of her Jenks class and several other organizations on and off BC's campus—always championing something close to her heart. She is rarely the first to speak in workshops, but she always contributes something thought-provoking, and others are interested and keen on hearing each word. 

When her Jenks group had to shift their project focus, she quickly adapted and reshaped her group’s priorities. She is organized to a T. No matter what the situation is, she never fails to be positive. She embodies the Ignatian mindset of “finding God in all things.” She sees good and potential in everything and everyone. She is genuine and sincere in her desire to make the world a better place and exemplifies the Jenks motto of “leadership for service, service for others” in her everyday life.

Whether volunteering with your church or laughing and talking about your mom’s delicious Greek food as you squeegee windows at Covenant House, your passion for serving others is contagious and inspires others to follow. I am so excited to see where life takes you after graduation in May and I am honored to present you with the Joseph G. Bonito Servant Leadership Award.

Ashton Gillespie '18, Jenks Student Director
2017 Joseph G. Bonito Servant Leadership Award Recipient