Boston College and the Shea Center for Entrepreneurship present TechTrek, an award-winning course combining classroom learning on the BC campus with a field study to innovative cities nationally and internationally. The courses involve some 25 master-class sessions with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and venture partners (nearly all sessions are led by successful BC alumni at firms from Apple to AirBnB).  Students study tech industry strategy and competition, entrepreneurship, and venture finance, examining how firms go from startup to blue chip.


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Undergraduate TechTrek West (ISYS3205) is competitively admitted, and is open to all BC undergraduates in all schools, sophomores to seniors. Any undergraduate who has completed a full year (two semesters) of courses at Boston College is eligible to apply for Undergraduate TechTrek West. Applications are posted, and selection takes place the mid to late October 2018. Classroom study is in the first half of spring semester, and the field study is held during undergraduate spring break.

Application is currently closed.

Undergraduate TechTrek East (ISYS3206) is a 3-credit, field-study course combining class work with a weekend field study in New York City and several local Boston trips. During the trips students will meet with senior executives, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists in technology industry firms. While focusing on the tech industry, TechTrek is designed to appeal to all majors. Course work and visits will have a managerial focus, highlighting executive, marketing, finance, operations, and R&D functions. For more information regarding application deadlines, pricing and schedule, click the application button below.

Application is currently closed.

TechTrek Boston sessions are held nearly every Friday afternoon during the academic year. The City of Boston is regularly rated the Most Innovative City in America", and through this program, students leverage BC’s geographic advantage to engage area firms and executives for master-class learning sessions.  Visits are open to all BC undergrads and grad students. Visit participants are expected to research firms to maximize opportunities to engage in on-site Q&A with host firm executives, entrepreneurs, and venture partners.


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