Internship Program

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The Edmund H. Shea Jr. Center for Entrepreneurship has a goal to foster collaborations between students, and the greater entrepreneurial ecosystem of Boston and beyond.

With the new availability of resources provided by the Shea Center, students will not only learn more about entrepreneurship in the classroom, but they will have experiential opportunities where they are able to be immersed into the real world dynamics of working for a start-up through internships.

An internship provides an excellent opportunity to explore career possibilities, gain experience, and establish professional connections. Often times an internship can lead to a great job.

At the Shea Center we recognize that many of these start-up companies are small and just taking off, which means their resources to pay our students is limited.  The Shea Center will work closely with the start-up company to ensure our students receive monetary compensation along with gaining great experience.

Interning at a start-up provides a unique opportunity for a student to do many tasks, make valuable contributions to a small team, and experience company growth and failures. The start-ups need our students as interns as much as the students need the valuable experience of working for a company in its early stages.


Current undergraduate freshman, sophomores and juniors are eligible to apply. Student must obtain their internship on their own. Once the student has secured the internship, they will fill out the form below. Internships must be a minimum of 6-weeks or 200 hours. If accepted into the program, the student will receive a stipend of $1000.00 and is required to check in once during the internship with a Shea faculty member and write 3 blog posts throughout the internship discussing what they learned. Students must also provide us with an official offer letter. Applications accepted on a rolling basis.

Student Intern Experiences