Cohort XII 2022-23

Photo of Tyrell Adeyemi

Tyrell Adeyemi

Principal Fellow, Bates Elementary School

Photo of Christopher Audette

Christopher Audette

Principal, Emma G. Whiteknact Elementary School

Photo of John Braga

John Braga

Principal, Lynn English High School

Photo of Kadi Buckley

Kadi Buckley

Assistant Principal, Reading Memorial High School

Photo of Gregg Chambers

Gregg Chambers

Assistant Principal & Director of Middle School, Saint Catherine of Siena School

Photo of Karl Danso

Karl Danso

Vice Principal, Catholic Memorial

Photo of Hilary Filkins

Hilary Filkins

Humanities Department Chair, Talbot Middle School

Photo of Fred Gallo

Fred Gallo

Principal, Lynn Vocational Technical High School

Photo of Jessica Gorham Cronin

Jessica Gorham Cronin

Principal, Dante Alighieri Montessori School

Photo of Meghan Harrington

Meghan Harrington

Principal Fellow, Conley Elementary School

Photo of Benjamin Helfat

Benjamin Helfat

Head of School, Boston Adult Technical Academy

Photo of Lianne Hughes-Odom

Lianne Hughes-Odom

Principal Fellow, Boston Latin Academy

Photo of Christina Jusino

Christina Jusino

Assistant Principal, Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School

Photo of Raquel Martinez

Raquel Martinez

Head of School, Snowden International HS

Photo of Zachary Meisner

Zachary Meisner

School Leader, KIPP Academy Boston K-8

Photo of Nadiya Monestime

Nadiya Monestime

Principal, Boston Collegiate High School

Photo of Adryonna Montgomery

Adryonna Montgomery

Grade 7/8 Team Lead & Co-Lead of Math Dept., Codman Academy

Photo of Katrina Monzón

Katrina Monzón

Director of Enrollment and Faculty Support, The Mountain School of Milton Academy

Photo of Denise Moriarty

Denise Moriarty

Assistant Principal, South Boston Catholic Academy

Photo of Dinorah Peralta

Dinorah Peralta

Assistant Principal, Haverhill High School

Photo of Brian Radley

Brian Radley

Principal, Winship Elementary School

Photo of Daniel Rasanen

Daniel Rasanen

Principal, RISE Academy

Photo of BIanca Restrepo

BIanca Restrepo

Principal, William A. Berkowitz Elementary School

Photo of Edward Reynoso

Edward Reynoso

Principal, Lawrence HS - Upper School Academy

Photo of Heela Roshan

Heela Roshan

Principal, Michael J. Perkins Elementary School

Photo of Marycruz Somes

Marycruz Somes

Dual Language Coach, Bentley Academy Innovation School

Photo of Yaraliz Soto

Yaraliz Soto

Expert Teacher, William G. Morgan Elementary School

Photo of Min-Jen Taylor

Min-Jen Taylor

Principal, Baldwin Early Learning Pilot Academy

Photo of Lindsay Thornquist

Lindsay Thornquist

Principal Fellow, Rafael Hernández Dual Language K-8 School