Welcome to the home page of the EagleEyes Project.

The purpose of the EagleEyes Project is to help people with severe physical disabilities develop and be educated to their fullest by enabling them to access the computer. We work with people, mainly children and young adults, who cannot speak and can move only their eyes or head.

During the past twenty years we have developed two access technologies.

EagleEyes allows people to control the computer by moving only their eyes. EagleEyes works through five electrodes placed on the person’s head.

Camera Mouse allows people to control the computer by moving their head. Camera Mouse works through a standard webcam connected to the computer.

Both access technologies function as standard mouse replacements in Windows systems. They work with standard commercial applications software.

We also have developed a number of application programs (for example on-screen keyboard programs and games) that work well with EagleEyes and Camera Mouse and are available for free download.

The EagleEyes Project is centered at Boston College, mainly as a joint project between the Carroll School of Management, the Computer Science Department, and the Campus School.

Boston College has a licensing agreement with the Opportunity Foundation of America to manufacture and distribute EagleEyes systems.  Please contact Debbie Inkley at debbieinkley@ofoa.net for more information.

Camera Mouse is available for free download at cameramouse.org