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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups: A Strategic Business Resource for Today's Workplace

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have existed in organizations for more than 40 years. In the past 5 years, however, ERGs have evolved from networking groups that promote diversity and inclusion to become key contributors to business strategy and operations.

The New Dad: A Portrait of Today's Father (2015)

Perhaps the most troubling problem is that fathers’ voices have often been absent from, or perhaps even seen as irrelevant to, work-family conversations. In an effort to address this, we began our journey with a relatively smallsample, qualitative study of fathers of very young children to better understand their experiences. We coined the title “The New Dad” for what became our research series and have published a report each year exploring differing perspective of the role dads play today at work and in the home.

Report Highlights  

New Parents in the Workplace

Executive Briefing Series: New Parents in the Workplace

Engaging and retaining highly-valued employees is a priority for diverse organizations. One employee population that has become a particularly prominent
focus of corporate retention efforts is new parents.

Executive Briefing Series: Dynamic Workforce Trends

Today’s workplace has been transformed by a combination of shifting demographics, technological advances and a global economy that has generated workforce trends that impact the priorities of Work/Life practitioners. Members of the Boston College National Work & Family Roundtable identified four significant trends that permeate their organizations in a recent pulse survey: 1) increasing attention on employee health and wellness driven by escalating health care costs, 2) building a diverse and inclusive workforce, 3) managing the aging workforce, and 4) creating a flexible work culture.