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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups: A Strategic Business Resource for Today's Workplace

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have existed in organizations for more than 40 years. In the past 5 years, however, ERGs have evolved from networking groups that promote diversity and inclusion to become key contributors to business strategy and operations.

New Parents in the Workplace

Executive Briefing Series: New Parents in the Workplace

Engaging and retaining highly-valued employees is a priority for diverse organizations. One employee population that has become a particularly prominent
focus of corporate retention efforts is new parents.

Executive Briefing Series: Dynamic Workforce Trends

Today’s workplace has been transformed by a combination of shifting demographics, technological advances and a global economy that has generated workforce trends that impact the priorities of Work/Life practitioners. Members of the Boston College National Work & Family Roundtable identified four significant trends that permeate their organizations in a recent pulse survey: 1) increasing attention on employee health and wellness driven by escalating health care costs, 2) building a diverse and inclusive workforce, 3) managing the aging workforce, and 4) creating a flexible work culture.