Core Roundtable Membership

Core Roundtable Membership

The Boston College Workforce Roundtable distinguishes itself through its selection of leading-edge organizations, its linkages to the academic community, and the trusted relationships that develop through multiple interactions among our invited members. The Roundtable supports many of the world’s most progressive employers by facilitating a learning and networking community focused on enhancing the employee experience.

Core Roundtable Membership provides corporate partners access to contemporary research and thought leadership to advance evidence-based, innovative workforce management practices. Roundtable members regularly share best practices, benchmarking data, and candid information about work-life strategies through our members-only listserv, regularly-scheduled teleconferences, and member meetings rich in content and intensive dialogue.


Core Membership Benefits

Two Roundtable member conferences

Highly valued in-person meetings that bring together corporate members and academic thought leaders

Access to BCCWF staff

Considered as an extension of corporate member teams

Data gathering, benchmarking, and research

Completely customized to meet members’ specific needs

Opportunities to support and contribute to high-visibility BCCWF research

View our publications and executive briefings to explore recent member contributions

Access to members-only website

Includes past meeting materials, a compilation of customized research, benchmarking data, event slides, and recordings

For information on pricing and becoming a Core Roundtable member, please reach out to