Faculty Directory

Suntae Kim

Assistant Professor


Management and Organization


Professor Kim studies the processes whereby new forms of organizing emerge in adverse circumstances. Specifically, he has studied how new ventures emerge to revitalize challenged places like Detroit, how a movement for social entrepreneurship (B Corp movement) emerges amid large corporations’ strategic attempts to co-opt sustainability causes, how the South Korean government developed novel responses to an unprecedented public health crisis (COVID-19 pandemic), and how North Korean refugees reboot their lives in South Korea by engaging in entrepreneurship. In studying these phenomena, Professor Kim employs primarily qualitative research methods, such as ethnography, with a strong focus on unpacking and theorizing processes. 


As a member of the Academy of Management, Professor Kim has worked with entrepreneurs and incubators in Detroit, supporting their efforts to revitalize the city with the means of entrepreneurship. He has also collaborated with South Korean nonprofit organizations that support North Korean refugees by developing their entrepreneurial capacities.