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Mike Teodorescu

Assistant Professor


Information Systems


Dr. Mike Teodorescu is an Assistant Professor in the Information Systems Department at Boston College. His research encompasses machine learning, technology innovation and adoption, and entrepreneurship. Specifically, Professor Teodorescu’s research interests include the strategic use of patents by startups, applications of machine learning to firm strategy, and the ethics of machine learning and A.I. in determining individual fates such as employment and lending. His teaching interests include business analytics and technology strategy. He is an award-winning teacher and has taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels, aiming to make the concepts and fundamental methods of big data and machine learning accessible to everyone. His research is published or forthcoming in Financial Times 50 ranked journals such as Management Information Systems Quarterly, Strategic Entrepreneurship JournalResearch Policy, and Journal of Business Ethics. He also published engineering-oriented papers in journals such as SAE Transactions Journal of Aerospace, Military Medicine, and published in refereed proceedings such as Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, IEEE High Performance Computing (forthcoming), and Academy of Information Systems ICIS. He serves on the Strategic Management Journal Editorial Review Board. 

He spent some of his doctoral years in the Office of the Chief Economist at the US Patent and Trademark Office, researching the effects of IP uncertainty on startup outcomes as well as mechanisms to incentivize independent inventors. 

Prior to his doctorate, Professor Teodorescu has worked as a software engineer at Microsoft on several major software products. His research interests prior to his doctoral studies included artificial intelligence and applications of computer algorithms to the sciences. He authored several patents and patent applications. He has served on boards of several startups and is the co-founder of the award-winning 'Operating Room in a Backpack' medical device startup SurgiBox. Dr. Teodorescu has served on the Board of the Summer Science Program, a leading scientific education nonprofit established in 1959, and serves as a Harvard College Alumni Interviewer.

Dr. Teodorescu's work has most recently been featured at the Brookings Institution, London Design Museum, on NECN cable news, in an article on the future of machine learning in business, in an article in National Defense Magazine, in McKinsey Analytics, IOT Solutions, Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, and in HBS Working Knowledge. Professor Mike Teodorescu earned his Doctorate from Harvard Business School and also holds a Bachelors cum laude with High Honors in Computer Science from Harvard University. He is a US Citizen.


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