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Mary Cronin



Information Systems


Dr. Mary Cronin’s current research focuses on managing and measuring social impact, including innovations in corporate citizenship, social impact investing, and social entrepreneurship.  She is the founder and co-director of a new Boston College Interdisciplinary Minor in Managing for Social Impact and the Public Good and the director of a parallel social impact co-concentration for Carroll School of Management students.

Dr. Cronin’s  most recent book, Managing for Social Impact: Innovations in Responsible Enterprise (Springer, January 2017), is co-edited with Professor Tiziana Dearing, co-director of the Center for Social Innovation at Boston College School of Social Work. This book features innovative strategies for sustainable, socially responsible enterprise management from leading thinkers in the fields of corporate citizenship, nonprofit management, social entrepreneurship, impact investing, community-based economic development and urban design. 

Dr. Cronin’s prior books include Top Down Innovation, a framework for data-centric innovation management, (Springer, 2014) and Smart Products, Smarter Services (Cambridge University Press, 2010) an analysis of the Internet of Things across multiple industries.  Analysis of the Internet of Things and smart products extended Dr. Cronin’s earlier research and pioneering publications on Internet business strategy and the adoption of E-Commerce in the mid-1990s, and in the early 2000s on the evolution of mobile handsets and devices as wireless, always connected platforms for consumer and enterprise applications. Her publications have been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, French, and several other languages.

Dr. Cronin developed the first courses taught at Boston College on Internet business and E-Commerce strategy.  She still teaches Digital Commerce with continued enthusiasm for this ever-changing field.

Dr. Cronin serves as a board member and advisor for Boston area community organizations and is a member the editorial board of Electronic Markets and the Advisory Council for Computing and IT for Brown University where she received her Ph.D.