Faculty Directory

Burcu Bulgurcu

Assistant Professor


Information Systems


Professor Burcu Bulgurcu studies technology users’ information privacy and security related perceptions and behaviors. Her ongoing research focuses on shedding light on technology users’ vulnerabilities to information privacy invasions and offering results that will provide theoretical and managerial guidance in the development of effective information privacy and security policies, awareness and training programs, and easy-to-use information protection technologies. Her research aims to inform the development of public policy, which is fundamental to the ethical integration of technology into society.

The results of her research have been published in the Management Information System Quarterly and presented at several leading IS conferences (e.g. International Conference on IS, Americas Conference on IS, and Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences).

Dr. Bulgurcu’s degree in Education and Instructional Technologies has provided her with a strong theoretical base for her teaching. Her experience as an instructional designer at a distance education delivery company assisted her in mastering the mechanics of curriculum and instructional design, effective delivery methods, and learning assessment – skills that she uses when teaching “MI021 – Computers in Management” at the Carroll School of Management.