2017 - 2018 Seminar Series

For further information concerning the Finance Seminars, please contact our seminar organizers Slava Fos and Lenny Kostovetsky. To receive a copy of a seminar paper, please visit Fulton 330 or email Sandra Howe or Kasey Preskenis.

External Seminar Series

Capitalists in the Twenty-First Century

Eric ZwickUniversity of Chicago

September 06

Shopping for Lower Sales Tax Rates

Scott R. BakerNorthwestern University

October 18

The Economics of PIPEs

Michael WeisbachOhio State University

November 01

Regulating Household Leverage

John MondragonNorthwestern University

November 08

"Private Information and Price Regulation in the US Credit Card Market"

Scott Nelson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

January 12

"Asset Pricing in the Information Age: Employee Expectations and Stock Returns"

Jinfei Sheng, University of British Columbia: Sauder School of Business

January 17

"Can Reinvestment Risk Explain the Dividend and Bond Term Structures?"

Andrei Goncalves, The Ohio State University

January 19

"From Local to Global: Offshoring and Asset Prices"

Lorenzo Bretscher, London School of Economics

January 26

"Peer Financial Distress and Individual Leverage: Evidence from 30 Million Individuals"

Ankit Kalda, Washington University in St Louis – Olin Business School 

January 29

"Creditor Rights, Technology Adoption, and Productivity: Plant-Level Evidence"

Nuri Ersahin, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

February 05

"Cyclical Investment Behavior across Financial Institutions"

Yannick Timmer, Trinity College Dublin

February 07

"Global Risk Aversion and International Return Comovements"

Nancy Xu, Columbia University

February 09

"The Costs of Financial Mistakes: Evidence from U.S. Consumers"

Adam Jorring, Chicago Booth School of Business

February 12

"Personal Relations in Loan Renegotiation: Evidence from Corporate Loans"

Zoi Melina Papoutsi, Columbia Business School

February 15

"Historical Antisemitism, Ethnic Specialization, and Financial Development"

Francesco D’Acunto, R.H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland

February 21

Finance Seminar Series: Chester Spatt

Professor of Finance, Carnegie Mellon University,

Golub Distinguished Visiting Professor of Finance

March 16

"Inference on Risk Premia in the Presence of Omitted Factors"

Stefano Giglio, Professor of Finance, Yale School of Management

March 21

Finance Seminar Series: Brian Weller, Duke University

"What You See is Not What You Get: The Costs of Trading Market Anomalies"

March 28

Finance Seminar Series: Raymond Fisman, Boston University

"Tax-Exempt Lobbying: Corporate Philanthropy as a Tool for Political Influence"

April 11

Finance Seminar Series: Kelly Shue

"Can the Market Multiply and Divide? Non-Proportional Thinking in Financial Markets", Yale University

April 18

Finance Seminar Series: Xing Huang

"Extrapolative Beliefs in the Cross-section: What Can We Learn from the Crowds?" Washington University in St. Louis

April 25

Finance Seminar Series: Tarun Ramadorai

"Predictably Unequal? The Effects of Machine Learning on Credit Markets", Imperial College London

May 02


Internal Finance Seminar: David Solomon

Boston College

March 12

Internal Finance Seminar: David Solomon

Boston College

March 12

"Stress Tests and Small Business Lending"

Phil Strahan, Boston College

March 19

Internal Finance Seminar: Ian Appel

Boston College

March 26

Internal Finance Seminar: Nadya Malenko

Boston College

April 09

Internal Finance Seminar: Slava Fos

Boston College

April 23

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