Job Market Candidates



Name: Xuechuan (Charles) Ni
Area:   Asset Pricing, Market Microstructure, Stock Return Predictability, Macro Finance
Committee:   Ronnie Sadka (Chair), Dmitriy Muravyev, Alan Marcus, Pierluigi Balduzzi
Job Market Paper:  Volatility Tail Risk and Asset Prices


Name:  Thomas Schneider
Area: Corporate Finance, Executive Compensation, Shareholder Incentives, Corporate Governance
Committee:  Philip E. Strahan (Chair), Mary Ellen Carter, Cliff Holderness, Nadya Malenko
Job Market Paper: Executive Compensation and Aspirational Peer Benchmarking


Name:  Wenzhi (William) Wang
Area:  Machine Learning, Time Series Predictability, Cross Section Predictability, Market Efficiency and Anomaly, Macro Finance
Committee: Robert Taggart (Chair), Rui Albuquerque, Alan Marcus, Dmitriy Muravyev
Job Market Paper: Systemic Risk Factor and Cross Section of Stock Returns


Name:  Jun Yang
Area: Banking, Financial Institutions, Risk Management, Corporate Finance
Committee: Philip E. Strahan (Chair), Vyacheslav Fos, Nadya Malenko, Alan Marcus
Job Market Paper: Bank's Internal Liquidity Transfer: Evidence from Chinese International Students at US Universities