Being a member of the Boston College community is a privilege, and comes with the responsibility to act in accordance with all institutional rules and policies. The Student Code of Conduct exists to provide information on these behavioral expectations, and to articulate the process of addressing violations.

The Division of Student Affairs website contains an exhaustive list of policies, documents, and guides.

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BC Student Guide

The Boston College Student Guide defines what it means to be a member of the BC community.

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Student Sexual Misconduct Policy

Boston College seeks to foster a campus environment free from exploitation and intimidation, as well as discrimination based upon gender.

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Copyright Policy

This document describes professional standards and business conduct concerning the use of University technology and information resources.

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Bias-Motivated Conduct

This protocol, developed by the Office of Institutional Diversity, outlines the process for reporting a hate crime or bias-related incident as well as the resources available.

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Hazing Policy

This policy provides definitions for different types of hazing and outlines state laws related to reporting and punishment protocol.

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Help-Seeking Policy

Students are expected and encouraged to seek immediate assistance for themselves or others in situations where help is needed due to intoxication or drug ingestion.

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Conditions of Residency

In addition to the Student Code of Conduct, students living in University housing are also expected to adhere to the Conditions of Residency.

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