Hallmarks of Living Learning


 A Focused Living Experience

Our Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students the opportunity to live alongside peers who share similar interests in an environment that intentionally facilitates increased interaction with faculty and staff across various areas of the university. LLCs offer community members meaningful experiences specifically designed around the community theme. In addition to the emphasis on student formation that defines the Boston College residential experience, LLCs have an increased focus on the following areas:



Creative partnerships that serve to enhance the student experience.


Interactions that facilitate integrated learning and the exchange of ideas.


Relationships cultivated through engagement around shared interests/values.

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The Living Learning Application is part of the online housing application.


Living Learning Communities

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<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The BC F1RST Living Learning Community is an inclusive community dedicated to supporting first-year, first-generation, and low-income students in their transition to college. The BC F1RST LLC works in collaboration with the Learning to Learn office to offer a variety of programs, activities, and services to help members connect with fellow first-generation, first-year college students, staff, faculty, and administrators. Participants will be encouraged to develop support networks to enhance their personal development, pursue academic excellence, and enhance their collegiate experience. Through group discussions on various topics, students will gain increased knowledge and confidence that will enable them to be successful at BC. Students who choose the BC F1RST LLC are required to enroll in the Applications of Learning Theory (UNAS 1005) course during the Fall semester. The Applications of Learning Theory course will assist with the academic and intellectual transition to BC and will help students build confidence in their academic abilities. <br /> </p>
<p>The BC F1RST Living Learning Community is an inclusive living community dedicated to supporting first-year, first-generation, and low-income students in their transition to college.  <br /> </p>
Fr. Rutilio Grande Intercultural Experience
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., Intercultural Experience Living Learning Community provides an opportunity for incoming first year students from diverse backgrounds to reflect on their personal identities and to connect with other individuals in the community who may have shared or similar identities or lived experiences. GIE focuses on diversity in all forms including race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, and more. Students in this community will live in an inclusive community dedicated to promoting the understanding of difference and celebrating diversity. Through group discussions on multiculturalism, diversity, social justice, and exploration of identity, students will gain an expanded worldview, thus creating a safe, welcoming, and fun living space for all.<br /> </p>
<p>The Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., Intercultural Experience (GIE) Living Learning Community is a diverse community of first year students who are committed to celebrating differences and to deepening their understanding of social justice and cultural competence.<br /> </p>
First-Year Students
Fr. Rutilio Grande Intercultural Experience 2.0
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., Intercultural Experience Living Learning Community for sophomores is a diverse community of students who are dedicated to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and hope to become agents of social change. This community is for students who are committed to leadership development, and who see leadership as a collaborative process to promote social change. Students will get to further develop their own leadership skills, explore their passions, and apply knowledge to have a positive impact on their community. </p> <p><br /> Open to sophomore students only.</p> <p>Students who participate in GIE their first year are not guaranteed placement in GIE 2.0. <br /> </p>
<p>The Fr. Rutilio Grande, S.J., Intercultural Experience 2.0 (GIE 2.0) Living Learning Community is a Living Learning Community for sophomores interested in exploring issues of diversity and social justice.  <br /> </p>
Healthy Living
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Healthy Living Community (HLC) aims to provide students an opportunity to define what a healthy lifestyle entails for them individually and as a community. HLC also provides students an opportunity to live in an environment free of alcohol, tobacco and other harmful substances. Residents who live in a Healthy Living Community have access to a variety of social programming and unique partnership with the Center for Student Wellness. All students living in HLC are required to complete a Be Well Health Coaching session through the Center for Student Wellness. This community encourages members to maintain a lifestyle that supports academic success, personal development, well-being, and a sense of community. Residents work to promote healthy choices within the hall and throughout the University through a variety of programs.<br /> </p>
<p>Through engagement with the twelve dimensions of health, the Healthy Living Community provides a space for students to explore what health and wellbeing means in their individual lives, particularly in a living environment free from alcohol, tobacco, and other substance use. <br /> </p>
First-Year Students Upperclass
Justice & the Common Good
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Justice &amp; the Common Good Living Learning Community is a residential community for incoming first-year MCAS students who would like to deepen their interests in social justice, cultural diversity, and the common good. Students in the JCG LLC gain new tools for reflecting on and leading social transformation in pursuit of justice, equity, and universal flourishing. <br /> The JCG LLC Supplemental Application can be found <a href="https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1fzzX67caJ5yi-G2SOlRcANvdOrJdh6IhSu1yDk1kzkc/edit?ts&#61;65f49673">here</a>.</p>
<p>The Justice &amp; the Common Good (JCG) Living Learning Community unites incoming first-year MCAS students passionate about social justice, cultural diversity, and the common good.</p>
First-Year Students
Kotska Women's Experience
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Kostka Women’s Experience Living Learning Community is a community where  residents participate in conversations around women’s issues, empowering women, and women’s leadership. The Kostka Women&#39;s Experience LLC  offers engagement through a dinner and discussion series, retreat, and opportunities to connect with women in leadership roles.  Through the Kostka Women&#39;s Experience, community members deepen their commitment to personal health and wellness, explore and develop their identity, and engage in meaningful conversations.<br /> </p>
<p>Kostka Women’s Experience Living Learning Community provides first year students with the opportunity to engage in conversation about women’s issues, with a focus on empowering women and women’s leadership. <br /> </p>
First-Year Students
Perspectives Living & Learning
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Perspectives Living Learning Community is an academic initiative for first year students that possesses a distinct bond between an academic course and a residential living community. Students who live in this community are afforded the opportunity to participate in specialized programming which creates links with the Perspectives curriculum, creates deeper relationships between students, faculty, and administrators, and develops a strong peer cohort. The program’s goal is to promote the development of authentic friendships that are both intellectual and social. This common bond and social interaction increases academic attentiveness and connection with classmates.<br /> </p>
<p>Perspectives Living Learning Community provides incoming first year students the option to enroll in the Perspectives course and experience specific programming in their residential community that promotes deeper relationships because of the shared living experience.  <br /> </p>
First-Year Students
Seacole Scholars
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Seacole Scholars program is a living learning community for first-year nursing students that are interested and committed to increasing the diversity of the nursing profession. Students of color, first-generation to college students, and Montserrat students are highly encouraged to apply for the Seacole Scholars program. Scholars will be required to participate in a 1-credit course that focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion. In addition to the 1-credit Seacole Scholars Seminar, Seacole Scholars will also register for Perspectives and the required nursing courses (anatomy and physiology I, life science chemistry, and nursing first-year seminar). This special Perspectives section will pay special attention to questions and claims regarding themes of suffering, care-giving, responsibility for self and for others, and their relation to the question of the existence of God and the rise of modern science, and will fulfill the philosophy and theology core requirements.&nbsp;<br> </p>
<p>The Seacole Scholars Living Learning Community is a unique academic opportunity for first year nursing students from underrepresented backgrounds that are interested and committed to increasing the diversity of the nursing profession. <br /> </p>
First-Year Students
Shaw Leadership Program
<h2>Full Description</h2> <p>The Shaw Leadership Program is a unique Living Learning Community run through the Office of Residential Life. Each summer, 20 highly motivated incoming first year students are selected from a competitive applicant pool to become the &#34;Shaw Class&#34; for that graduating class. During the first year in the program, students reside in the Shaw House, attend monthly leadership seminars, participate in community service opportunities, and apply the skills they learn to create and complete a leadership project. In the monthly seminars, students are introduced to the Shaw model of leadership  which is based upon three tenets: leadership education, service, and community engagement. <br /> </p>
<p>The Shaw Leadership Program provides a unique on campus living environment for 20 students who are interested in further developing their leadership skills through seminars, a retreat, and mentorship with upperclass Shaw coordinators. <br /> </p>
First-Year Students