Whether you're struggling with disordered eating, looking to eat healthy at BC, or change perceptions around body image, our nutrition programs can help! Sign up for a nutrition counseling session, meet with a Wellness Coach, or browse our resources.

“I've been listening to my body more - eating what I want when I want and exercising the way I want to. I've also become more aware of the negative body talk that gets thrown around during everyday life. I think awareness is the first step toward change because as I become more confident in myself and my perception of my own body, I can encourage others to do the same and to stop bashing themselves and other girls simply for the way they look.”
Student Participant

Individual counseling appointments with the registered dietitian are available for students who want to discuss overall wellness, healthy eating, eating vegan/vegetarian, and fueling for sport. 

Campus Dietician for Dining Services

Kate Sweeney

Kate Sweeney, RD
Campus Dietitian
BC Dining

Kate is a campus dietitian in Dining Services is also available to meet with students who are managing a medical nutritional need or struggling with an eating disorder. You can contact her at sweenekz@bc.edu.

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Meet with a Peer Wellness Coach to have an individual coaching session around any of the 12 areas of health, including food, body Image or exercise. Learn how to build a healthy relationship with your body, food, and exercise including how to fuel for activity and movement and develop positive perceptions and beliefs about weight, nutrition, and body image.

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