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Key Messages

Assess: Be mindful of where you spend your time and evaluate the outcomes of your time investments

Prioritize: Time is elastic, it will stretch to accommodate what you choose to put in it, so determine what matters

Plan: Look a week ahead and plot your academics, self-care, and social life. To be flexible think 168 hours, not 24


 What messages do you receive around caring for your mind? Listen to a variety of perspectives, from experts and peers, and consider how it relates to your experiences.  


Hear from an Expert

"How to Gain Control of Your Free Time"
Laura Vanderkam

BC Blog: Time to Talk... About Your Time

This is My Brave: T3


How do you care for your mind? Engage in these reflective activities to discover what works best for you



What do you need to do to care for your mind (or body, or soul) and live well? Sign up to meet with a Wellness Coach to reflect on your current wellbeing and set goals that feel achievable to you.

Let's Talk More...

We want to help you find joy in your journey, wherever you’re at. We have many resources within Center for Student Wellness and throughout campus to continue this conversation—we’re here to listen, reflect, and help you set and achieve health goals that feel intuitive, sustainable, and balanced. 

Meet with a Peer Wellness Coach

Engage in a conversation about your health and wellness goals related to caring for your body - in the areas of sleep and general health, body image and exercise, and alcohol and other drugs! 

Visit to schedule your Wellness Coaching session and learn about each type of appointment, or use the links below to sign up directly through google calendar. 

Did You Know?


of BC students think time management is important to their general health


of students believe they have a good ability to manage their time


of students have an overall sense of balance in their lives