At the GLI, our goal is simple. We want to help you- senior leader, high-performing individual, aspiring entrepreneur -to achieve your professional and personal goal, and enhance your organization's growth and sustainability.

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At the Global Leadership Institute, we're committed to helping you enhance your leadership skills, grow your network, and give you the tools necessary to make an impact in your organization. Whether you're visiting our beautiful Boston College campus or participating in an international program, the GLI will work with you to reach your personal and professional goals and to facilitate your organization's success and sustainability through the future.

Four Pillars of Programing

At the GLI, you'll work with top Boston College faculty and cutting edge researchers. Programs are tailored for the needs and interests of our participants. Built around an American educational model of case analysis and discussion, participants have a chance to learn both from professors and from one another as they explore the topic at hand.

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With deep roots in the Jesuit tradition, at Boston College the opportunity for reflection is a key tenet of the GLI experience. By stepping away from your day-to-day tasks, you'll be able to think critically about your role in your organization and find ways to grow in both your professional and personal life.


We understand the value of learning theory, but what will you do with that theory once you're time with the GLI is finished? In our capstone session, you'll develop insights on how to apply the ideas you learned during the program and put these into practice in your daily working life. Participants will leave energized and ready to hit the ground running with new ideas.


Boston College has one of the strongest alumni networks in the world, and with over 1,500 GLI participants, you'll join an elite global community. During your time here, you'll have the chance to hone your networking skills through receptions and site visits. And after the program alumni can stay connected through networking events and our online social media community.

We aim to improve society by promoting professional, accountable, efficient, and just practices and policies. The principles through which the GLI achieves its mission are: