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Canvas Catalog
<p>Additionally, Catalog manages and automates the delivery of certificates. Since its launch at BC, numerous continuing education courses from the Connell School of Nursing and the School of Theology and Ministry have launched on the platform.</p>
<p><a href="">Canvas Catalog</a>&nbsp;provides Boston College with a new and simpler way to offer and charge for online learning experiences. Catalog leverages the Canvas learning management system, and integrates with the CASHnet payment platform to enable learners to self register and pay for online courses.&nbsp;</p>
Project Lead: Cristina Mirshekari Project Manager: Leigh Bernstein LMS: Helen Healy Graphic Design: Gabriel LaRusso, Ramiro Oliva (ITS) Financial Integration: Debbie Jassett (Cash Services)
Canvas Syllabus Search
<p>The project involved the redesign of the eSyllabus program, and the retirement of the syllabus search platform hosted by ITS. The CTE gathered business requirements through interviews with faculty, students, administrators, and other key stakeholders, and evaluated a number of third party syllabus tools. Ultimately, the decision was made to partner with Instructure Professional Services to build a Syllabus Search tool where the majority of faculty were already developing their syllabi -- in the Canvas LMS.</p>
<p><a adhocenable="false" href="" target="_blank">Syllabus Search</a> is a Canvas tool that provides instructors the opportunity to share course syllabi with students in the BC Canvas community. &nbsp;When an instructor chooses to share their syllabus, it becomes searchable in the syllabus search database and allows students to make more informed decisions during the course registration and drop/add periods. An instructor may update or unshare their syllabus at any time.</p>
Project Lead: Cristina Mirshekari Project Manager: Debbie Miller (ITS) LMS: Helen Healy Design: Ramiro Oliva (ITS) Consultants: Chris Carpenter (ITS), Brian McLoughlin (ITS) Development: Instructure Professional Services
Data Privacy Certificate
<p>Consisting of five courses containing 90 minutes of video apiece, the certificate involved substantial travel to record interviews and lectures by experts in data privacy in both Europe and the United States. CDIL media production staff collaborated directly with instructors on scripting and interview question development in addition to recording and editing studio-quality videos.</p>
<p>We partnered with&nbsp;<a href="">Kevin Powers</a>, Director of the M.S. in Cybersecurity Program, to launch a new online, non-credit certificate program in data privacy. It provides a range of professionals with advanced knowledge in the major privacy and data protection laws and regulations in the U.S. and globally, including health care privacy and security laws (e.g., HIPAA) and the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).</p>
Project Lead: Kevin Powers, Director of Cybersecurity M.S. Project Management: Carolyn Bargoot, Office of the Provost Project Management: Trisha Tyler, Office of the Provost Media Production: Aaron Walters and Will Rogan, CDIL
Harnessing Technology for Homeless Families
<p>This project involved 1) a competition for homelessness organizations to develop technology-based services for their population, 2) the development of mobile and/or social media based interventions to support homeless families, 3) research on the aforementioned interventions, and 4) the development of a cohort of MSW students involved in the development and implementation of the technology.</p> <p>We partnered with the project lead in identifying business requirements for the project, scoping the design and functionality of the mobile app, and developing a prototype for a web development firm.</p>
<p>Harnessing Technology for Homeless Families (HTHF), is a training, research, and intervention project led by the <a adhocenable="false" href="" target="_blank">Center for Social Innovation</a> at the Boston College School of Social Work. Funded by an&nbsp;<a href="">Academic Technology Innovation Grant</a>, the project works in collaboration with the United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley (UW).</p>
Project Lead: Stephanie Berzin, Associate Professor, SSW Technical Consultant: Jamie Walker, CDIL
International Higher Education MA
<p>The first three courses launched in the Spring and Summer terms of 2017, including Global Perspectives on Teaching and Learning (taught by Kara Godwin), Higher Education in Asia and Latin America (taught by Hans de Wit), and Global Perspectives on Management of Higher Education (taught by Ellen Hazelkorn).&nbsp;All three courses made extensive use of experts in the field, either through recorded interviews or short videos, as well as synchronous video sessions with students and the instructor. Seven additional courses have been launched or are in development. CDIL staff continue to assist the faculty members in teaching online and revising earlier courses in the program.</p>
<p>We partnered with professors in the <a adhocenable="false" href="" target="_blank">International Higher Education (IHE) MA program</a> in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development to develop a fully-online offering for their students. Designed to allow students to complete an international internship while taking graduate courses, each course had the added challenge of including instructors and students based locally in Boston and located abroad.</p>
Project Co-lead: Hans deWit, Director of CIHE Project Co-lead: Laura Rumbley, Associate Director of CIHE Instructional Design: Tim Lindgren, CDIL Media Production: Aaron Walters, CDIL
Political Science Simulations
<p>The simulation has been run by Professor Bailey for ten years and has become a highly effective teaching tool that is deeply impactful on student comprehension of the Middle East. CDIL also assisted Professor Bailey with testing and tailoring appropriate software, as well as creating innovative media like green screen recordings to enhance the verisimilitude of the simulation.</p> <p>Professor Bailey’s team explored the emerging range of software for creating and managing educational simulations to enhance the learning experience for her students and facilitate a more streamlined organizational process. In particular she is focused on capturing student communications that are part of the process of negotiations, and in developing analytics that help students understand the relationship between their actions and negotiations outcomes. Moreover, Professor Bailey desired to move to a paperless process that allows her to control every aspect of the simulation from a single platform and to continually update and improve the process with a minimum of disruption.</p>
<p>We assisted <a adhocenable="false" href="" target="_blank">Professor Kathy Bailey</a> of the Political Science Department with project management and software consultation as part of her Academic Technology Innovation Grant (ATIG) from ATAB to utilize specialized software for a simulation of Middle East peace negotiations that forms the capstone of her Comparative Politics of the Middle East course.</p>
Project Lead: Kathy Bailey, Associate Professor of Political Science Senior Project Manager: Tim McCranor, PhD Candidate, Political Science Project Manager: Adam Wunische, PhD Candidate, Political Science Technology and Design Support: John FitzGibbon, CDIL
Teaching Writing to K-8 Students
<p>Each of the courses covers a different genre of writing and provides hands-on examples from Maria and video from real school settings related to teaching writing.</p>
<p>We partnered with internationally-recognized expert on teaching writing, <a adhocenable="false" href="" target="_blank">Maria Brisk</a>, to develop a series of short courses teaching her distinctive method to both students enrolled in BC graduate programs and practicing teachers in Boston schools.</p>
Project Lead: Maria Brisk, Professor Instructional Design: Tim Lindgren, CDIL Media Production: Aaron Walters, CDIL
Video Captioning Pilot
<p>Overall, the average cost to caption one minute of video in-house was three times as expensive thanthe leading vendor in the marketplace, 3Play Media. Given the findings of the pilot, and the cost-prohibitive nature of scaling this type of service, the CTE recommended that BC not pursue an in-house captioning service for online course video content. Given that third party vendors offer this same service at a third of the cost, this option is much more cost and time efficient, and has the ability to scale as the use of online video becomes more pervasive.</p> <h4>&nbsp;</h4>
<p>In partnership with Professor Scott Lapinski, instructor in the Lynch School of Education and Human Development, we set out to understand accessibility best practices related to video more deeply and determine whether it was more efficient to caption video in-house or outsource the work. Lapinski was teaching an online course focused on accessibility and wanted to model best practices with his course content. We captioned 12 videos produced by Lapinski, totalling 115 minutes.</p>
Instructor: Scott Lapinski (Lynch School) Project Lead: Cristina Mirshekari Project Manager: Shirley Cho Video Software: Scott Kinder, Gabriel LaRusso Research: Kim Humphrey Captioners: Tiffany Wang, Saiful Mahmood, Anusha Manji, Allie Oliveri, Allison DoCanto, Reina Stillman, Julie Kim