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Why Give


Four Reasons to be For BC

  1. 70% of all current BC students receive some form of financial aid.
    BC is one of only 21 schools in the country that is “need-blind and meets full demonstrated need.”  That means students are never denied admission based on their financial situation. Maintaining this “need-blind,” status depends heavily on annual gifts from BC alumni, parents, and friends.

  2. Tuition alone can’t cover the cost of BC’s world-class student-experience.
    As one of the top universities in the northeast with esteemed research centers and facilities, BC relies on individual support to help secure the essential tools, time, and talent to meet the needs of our students and faculty.

  3. Annual gifts offer BC the most flexibility.
    Loyal support from the BC community that’s not restricted to any specific program, department, or school allows the University to tackle unforeseen challenges and seize opportunities as they arise.

  4. There’s strength in numbers.
    At BC it’s not about how much you give, it’s about how many alumni, parents, and friends standup and do their part for BC’s outstanding students and unique mission.
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