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At Boston College, academic excellence is defined by impact. Our students and faculty pursue new avenues of thought that will not only increase their own knowledge and expertise, but will also make a positive difference in the world around us. Here are just a few powerful examples that illustrate how the University’s scholarship and collaboration are having a transformative effect throughout the U.S. and around the globe.

Global Entrepreneurship

In May 2013, Associate Professor John Gallaugher took his Technology and Economic Development class across the globe to Accra, Ghana, to give 21 of his students a firsthand look at how innovation fuels economy. “Tech Trek Ghana” was a joint collaboration with that country’s Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in which Carroll students were able to apply their education in helping MEST students with their plans for businesses targeting everything from poverty and health care to transportation.

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Care Everywhere

The world needs help, and the nursing students in the Connell School answer the call. Whether serving in local communities or responding to international crises, these men and women are translating their learning and passion into compassionate care.

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An Environment of Learning

One of the most powerful ways to understand our surroundings is to actually be in those surroundings. That’s why every spring, Associate Professor Noah Snyder in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences takes his students to Maine, where they study our rivers and how these essential conduits for fresh water and nutrients are affected over time by changes in the landscape, both natural and man-made.

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The Language of Compassion

By midcentury, the U.S. will be much more ethnically diverse than it is today, with Latinos comprising nearly a third of the population. The Graduate School of Social Work has established the Latino Leadership Initiative (LLI) to bolster students’ linguistic and cultural competencies to work with Latino communities here and abroad. View this video and other GSSW student testimonials in English and in Spanish.

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The Urban Classroom

In our cities’ crowded school systems, how can we ensure that each student has the opportunity to realize his or her full potential? The Lynch School’s Mary Walsh has responded to that challenge with City Connects, a student support program that uses an evidence-based approach to collaborate with teachers and school staff in identifying the strengths and needs of every child.

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Practicing Faith

Susan Reynolds, MTS’13, PhD’17, has found in the School of Theology and Ministry a singular educational experience, where religious scholarship is paramount. In working on her master’s thesis, she found the opportunity to put that education to practical use at St. Mary of the Angels parish in Roxbury, Mass.

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