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Donor Spotlight

Mary Dupont and Robert Decelles ’68, JD’72

Mary Dupont and Robert Decelles ’68, JD’72, P’06, ’08, are active in many civic and charitable organizations, and Decelles participates in the BC Law Dean’s Advisory Board.

Retired accountants, Robert Decelles and Mary Dupont know the value of a dollar—and of a quality education. Both have given generously to support financial aid and other initiatives at their alma maters, including the Decelles Family Veterans Law Scholarship Fund at BC Law. Now they have added a legacy gift to their philanthropic portfolio.


During my senior year, I met with [former BC Law Dean] Father Drinan and told him of my interest in law school but also my lack of financial resources. He encouraged me to have faith and apply anyway, saying that things would surely work out. I did, and after I was accepted to BC Law, I learned I had qualified for a scholarship that made it possible for me to attend.


We began giving to BC Law shortly after we both graduated. The amounts were small at first but have grown through the years. For our latest gifts, we worked hard to identify something that resonated with us personally and was also a priority for the law school.

Around that time, we began to meet and learn about veterans who were returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These brave men and women, who had done and sacrificed so much for their country, were coming home to a job market that did not seem to value their skills. We felt the leadership, creativity, and character they developed in the military would translate well to a career in law, so we decided to create an endowed fund to help veterans attend the school.


Our bequest is a gift of gratitude. We have been very fortunate in our lives, and we attribute our success—and that of our children—to education. When we learned how easy it is to add to our fund with a legacy gift and how it could help even more returning vets at BC Law, we knew it was the next logical step in our giving. 

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