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Donor Spotlight: Alan Bloom

BC School of Social Work Field Advisor, Retired

Alan Bloom
Alan Bloom at home with his dogs Lillian and Jason. An advocate for the use of animals in health care, he often brought dogs to comfort and calm patients.

Alan Bloom counts himself doubly blessed. First, to have found his calling as a social worker, helping countless patients in his 50-year career. Second, to have spent more than 40 of those years mentoring future generations as a volunteer field supervisor at BC’s School of Social Work.

Even in retirement, Bloom continues to nurture BC students through a legacy gift that will establish an endowed fellowship honoring his late wife, Jessica.


I first retired after 25 years at the Department of Veterans Affairs, then I took a position at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital and, after nine years, retired again. Then I agreed to spend six months helping at Covenant House in Brighton, and it was another 16 years before I finally retired for good! I just kept going back to social work—it was the right field for me. I liked the challenge and the problem solving, and I liked helping people.


I loved teaching and mentoring students as they worked in their field placements. I saw them commit to their clients and their colleagues, and I was continuously impressed by how well their classwork had prepared them to truly serve others. I’ve stayed in touch with many of them, and my greatest reward has been watching them grow in their careers and become mentors themselves.


I have a closer attachment to Boston College than to my own alma mater, and I wanted to help future social work students who might otherwise struggle to attend BC. Making a legacy gift seemed like the perfect choice, and I was pleased to learn my gift counts in the Light the World campaign. I hope my giving encourages more people to support the good work BC does throughout the community.

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