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What is the challenge?

A generous University Trustee has pledged $25,000 in Legacy Grant funding in honor of the Class of 2018. Great, isn’t it? But in order to receive the $25,000, we must hit our participation goal. Each time we reach 20 percent of our goal, we earn $5,000 of the $25,000 total. That ensures Legacy Grants for our BC peers and future BC students. If we can hit our goal, we will earn the entire $25,000 in honor of our class! 

What does the challenge support?

Legacy Grants! Each senior class is given a challenge to earn $25,000 in grant funding that supports innovative ideas and creative student projects at BC. These projects inspire change and serve others with their positive impact on the lives of others, from individuals to entire communities. They exemplify what it means to be "men and women for others." We caught up with a few of the students who received grants last year. Read more about how they're using their Legacy Grants.

Check out past Legacy Grants recipients.

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