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Legacy Grants

Mentoring Through the Arts

child drawing

I established a Mentoring Through the Arts program at Charlesview Community Center in Brighton; in the second semester our program expanded to Edison K–8 School. The relationships fostered between our BC volunteers and the K–4 students we worked with were wonderful to witness, and I truly loved getting to know the wonderful young students. The children know that every Friday they can come to do art with BC students, and they wait for us after they get off their buses or walk home. They run up each Friday to let us into the cafeteria where after school programs are held, and they immediately tell us what they did at school and ask what our project is that day.

I am excited that this program has been authorized for another year at both sites in cooperation with the Volunteer Service Learning Center (VSLC) at Boston College. As this program is ongoing, the impact of the grant money received continues. Our Legacy Grant funded supplies for both sites, including clay, paper, paints, brushes, stamps, stencils, markers, crayons, pencils, scissors, and specialty Halloween and Christmas crafts.

I grew up with many opportunities in the arts, and in volunteering in local schools, I saw a void in education in a city I have come to love. At BC, I have learned that those with the ability to affect change have the responsibility to take the first steps. I believe that Mentoring Through the Arts was my first step to being a true woman for others. It has been a labor of love and commitment that I truly hope will be a part of BC's campus for many years to come, and will expand to impact more students in Boston. I am so grateful to the Legacy Grant Program that made it possible.

—Meredith Smith '16

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