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Legacy Grants

American Home Alternative Spring Break in Vladimir, Russia

Alternative Spring Break in Vladmir
In Vladimir with my fellow students

For this alternative spring break program, I studied with a group of American and Russian students at Vladimir State University. We learned about Russian culture, history, and art, and shared our own culture with our Russian counterparts.

We also worked with LIGHT, the Vladimir Handicapped Children's Organization, which teaches life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and self-care, as well as encouraging artistic expression. We painted a facility for academic and motor skill development for LIGHT. We also visited local elementary schools to help promote English language education to young students who were just beginning foreign language study.

In Vladimir, we were "men and women for others" by devoting ourselves to local causes like the LIGHT and English language education, but also by bringing openness to foreign cultures, histories, and experiences that will enrich our global perspectives for the rest of our lives. Learning about regional Russian culture has gifted us American students with perspectives that will continue to evolve with an ever-changing world.

To have had the support of the Legacy Grant Program through a Legacy Grant made the experience even more special. I hope that through this Legacy Grant, we have established the foundation for a legacy of service and cross-cultural communication between Boston College and Eurasia.

Brian Chung '14

Light the World Campaign