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Legacy Grant Application Form

What are Legacy Grants?

Made possible by BC seniors and University Trustee Drake Behrakis '86, Legacy Grants are used to fund creative and innovative BC student projects that impact the lives of others. Projects that are funded by Legacy Grants inspire change, serve others, and exemplify what it means to be "men and women for others."

An ideal Legacy Grant project…

  • embodies BC's ideals of social justice;
  • is service-oriented in scope;
  • demonstrates creativity and out-of-the box thinking;
  • engages multiple members of the BC community;
  • may be locally or globally minded;
  • tackles initiatives including but not limited to education, health care, environmental sustainability, the arts, youth leadership, women's issues, technological advance, and mental health awareness; and
  • is sustainable (i.e. provides seed funding for an eventually sustainable volunteer program or children's library that will self-sustain long after it is established)


  • Grants are awarded to current undergraduate Eagles twice per year, with applications accepted during the months of October (fall semester) and February (spring semester)
  • The maximum available funding per project is $5,000
  • We want to see your biggest, brightest, and most unique ideas brought to the table. However, there are some funding limitations. Legacy grants may not be used for:
    • Wages or stipends for individuals providing services for projects 
    • Donations to nonprofit or third-party organizations
    • Travel to countries on the U.S. Department of State's travel warning list
    • Rent or living expenses
    • Transportation for individuals other than yourself
    • Snacks or meals for yourself or grant beneficiaries
    • Real estate
    • Construction costs
    • Invasive medical supplies
    • Animals for research purposes
    • Internship Stipends
    • Conference Fees
  • All transportation funding is granted via reimbursement. In order to receive funding for airfare you must purchase your tickets with your own means and provide BC with your boarding passes and receipts of purchase after you return from the trip. Once BC receives the boarding passes and receipts, you will be reimbursed for the cost of travel.
  • Travel expenses will be funded only when the travel is essential to the mission of a project. All Legacy Grant funding comes from philanthropic fellow Eagles, and the intention of funding is to help communities. Thus, travel will not be funded when there is an additional social, personal, or educational reason for the trip. For example, if you are planning to study abroad and receive a Legacy Grant for an international project, you will not be refunded for your travel. 

  • Answer each question with clear, concise, and complete sentences. Make sure that your responses address the mission of your project and why your project aligns with the Legacy Grant program.
  • Make certain to proofread and edit your application. We encourage you to have a friend look over your application. It is important that the review board can clearly understand the intent, timeline, and goals of your project.
  • Identify any partnerships with students, faculty, organizations, or groups that will be essential to your project's success. If such a collaborative relationship is necessary to complete your project, make sure you reach out to those involved before submitting your proposal and indicate your relationship on your application.
  • Include a detailed budget that identifies the price and description of each item needed. It is important to explain why each item is needed in order to successfully complete your project.
  • Speak to the sustainability of your project. Applications that do not identify how and why they are sustainable will not be funded.

  • Applications will be reviewed by a board of administrators and students. The Legacy Grant Review Board will conduct a short interview with each finalist.
  • Grant notifications will take place in mid-December and late April.
  • Following completion of your project, you must submit a report with photos and/or video.


Questions? Contact Anyenda Inyagwa at


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