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Legacy Grants

Development for Young Women in Senegal

Self-expression at smART Girls Art Camp

Thanks to the generosity of the Legacy Grant Committee, I was able to bring a personal development program to young women in rural Africa. This weeklong camp explored critical topics in our students' community: environmental sustainability, sexual assault, CPR training, and English lessons.

One of our goals was to offer educational seminars while ensuring that true friendships were forming with laughter and joy. So every day, we did arts and crafts, played competitive sports, and sang and danced to traditional African songs. I believe leadership is not just about individual knowledge and abilities, but also about the positive ways we interact with others.

My aim for this program was to instill confidence in these young women and empower them to do great things. But I never expected the incredible impact this village would have on me. I came out of my two weeks in Africa feeling like I had benefitted just as much as our campers. Despite the language barrier, I was amazed how our communication transcended cultural differences, and how seamlessly I was able to meld into a community halfway across the world.

I'm very grateful to the Legacy Grant Committee. My camp will continue to have a positive impact on these female leaders, and I'll never I forget this incredible opportunity to become one with a culture so vastly different from my own. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 

Jordan Tessler '19 

Light the World Campaign