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Legacy Grants

Raising Voices in Ecuador

Self-expression at smART Girls Art Camp

I spent 10 weeks in Ecuador designing and directing an afterschool music program at two centers for high risk children and adolescents, a temporary housing/rehabilitation center called Mi Caleta and an afterschool sports center called Golaso. The program brings music performance and music education students from two local universities into both locations to teach and mentor more than 100 children between the ages of 5 and 16 living and/or being cared for there.

The Legacy Grant helped to fund the purchase of all materials necessary for the full-fledged afterschool music program, including a wealth of harmonic, melodic, and percussive instruments, and two fully functional PA systems. These PAs powered our 7 full-length performances over the course of the program and will continue to power regular musical performances and clinics at both Mi Caleta and Golaso, run by the students, teachers, and musical artists from both universities as the program continues to grow. The money from the Legacy Grant helped to buy a voice for children without one.

This experience pushed me to use everything I had ever learned in music here at BC and filled me with a sense of purpose I have not experienced elsewhere in my life. I plan to pursue music no longer for music’s sake, but for its ability to speak to, with, and for others, especially those whose voices may not commonly be heard.

Nicholas Rocchio-Giordano ’18 

Light the World Campaign