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Legacy Grants

Music Guild Volunteers Help Young Patients

Music Guild Volunteers Help Troubled Youth

I discovered the Music Guild volunteer program at the end of my freshman year. I knew it was my “call to serve” the moment I witnessed our positive impact on the psychiatric patients at Franciscan Children’s Hospital. 

We gave the teenagers in Unit One a safe space where they weren’t patients—just people having fun, playing music, and singing songs. One of them particularly moved us with her soulful performance of Howie Day’s “Collide.”  As we were leaving, the head nurse said, “The moment you handed her that guitar and she sang that song is the happiest I’ve seen her all week.” We had helped someone suffering feel happiness through music.

As volunteer coordinator this year, I feel obligated to make the program as meaningful as possible for both the patients we serve and the volunteers. The Legacy Grant has enabled us to supply the unit with two keyboards, a guitar, instructional books, tambourines, and shakers. Now, even when we are not in the ward, the patients there can still fill it up with music.

The Legacy Grant has helped us expand the Music Guild program and flex our creative skills. We’ve done theme weeks for special occasions and sought out collaborations with other on-campus performance groups. We concluded last semester with an outside volunteer trip to the Residences at Wingate, a home for elderly citizens, and performed music from the 1930s, 40s, and 50s.

To give someone a sense of comfort and peace through music is a blessing to us at the Music Guild. We are eternally grateful for our Legacy Grant. 

Tabitha Joseph '17

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