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Legacy Grants

Life-changing medical care in Uganda

Self-expression at smART Girls Art Camp

We traveled to the Kamu Medical Centre in Jinja, Uganda, to donate vital diagnostic supplies to an underserved community and to gain clinical nursing experience—and our Legacy Grant helped fund the experience.

On our first day, we met Dr. Kalumuna Charles at the clinic. As we pulled out boxes of supplies, a huge smile grew across his face. Dr. Charles' eyes filled with tears as he said, "I'm speechless. You are angels." Some of these medical supplies were replacements for current diagnostic materials, but many were new to the clinic. A digital non-contact thermometer created a lot of excitement among the nurses because it does not require the same cleaning between triage patients. Dr. Charles was thrilled with the new vein finder, which makes locating veins for blood draws and IV insertion easier, particularly among dehydrated patients.

Shadowing the nurses and phlebotomist in the lab at Kamu Medical Centre, we learned how to draw blood and run diagnostic tests on the samples we acquired. We also had the opportunity to view slides of tropical diseases and run routine tests. It was amazing to put our microbiology lab skills to work in the real world.

Thanks to our Legacy Grant, we were able to help empower doctors across the globe to provide excellent care to their patients. Through this meaningful experience, we explored the many differences in healthcare and everyday life in a foreign country. We are so grateful to have been a part of this life-changing initiative for Dr. Charles and his community at the Kamu Medical Centre. 

Sarah Coakley '18 and Sarah Ratton '18 

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