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Legacy Grants

Raising Awareness of Climate Change Through Art and Science 

Self-expression at smART Girls Art Camp

Through the generosity of the Legacy Grant program, I created eARThproject, an art display featured in O’Neill Library in March 2017 to heighten awareness of climate change. The widespread lack of understanding regarding climate change and climate science is one of the greatest obstacles our society faces in combatting and mitigating its effects. As popular discourse surrounding the climate has grown increasingly political, I was inspired to create an art display that would depoliticize the issue of climate change by simply portraying the science of climate and weather, while enabling students, faculty members, and others to understand and contemplate the intricate climate processes that control our global climate and our day-to-day weather.

eARThproject incorporates still images from NASA global climate models with photographs of environmental degradation and destruction. By displaying scientific modeling images as works of art, I wanted to draw viewers into a greater understanding of the simultaneous power and vulnerability of the Earth's climate and the ways in which anthropogenic activity is changing the systems we depend on for life. These processes occur on such a macro scale that it is difficult to visualize how clouds move or how a hurricane forms or how human-created emissions can affect the patterns of deep ocean circulation, but by presenting the processes as something beautiful to be protected, we can foster a sense of care for our common home.

—Brigid Rooney ’17  

Light the World Campaign