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BC Fund Scholarships

With education, all things are possible. For some young people, a college education is impossible—at least without financial aid. A Boston College Fund scholarship—your gift of $25,000—can help make the dream of college a reality and support a deserving student with financial need for one school year. The scholarship is put to immediate use and can even be named in honor of your family or a loved one.

To recognize your generosity, the 1863 Society’s Monan Circle welcomes you among BC’s highest tier of annual giving donors. You receive a progress report and are invited to attend an annual gathering to meet your Boston College Fund scholar. In many cases, donors develop close bonds with their scholars and go on to sponsor them for multiple years, up to and including their full four-year undergraduate education.

Scholarships can also bolster a worthy student-athlete through the Flynn Fund. Please contact Catherine Bail for more details. 


“BC is such a wonderful place to receive an education. Without the generous support of my donor, I would not have been able to take such interesting classes, meet so many amazing people, or become involved in great organizations. I will forever be grateful.”
—Tammy Delgado '17
Morrissey College of Arts and Sciences


“I chose Boston College because it is such an incredibly balanced school…I am eternally grateful to those supporting me in my pursuit of the well-rounded and special education that Boston College offers me.”
—Judith A. Pareyon '17
Lynch School of Education

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