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EcoPledge Energizes BC’s Green Scene

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EcoPledge is a student-led organization that works toward making Boston College a more sustainable and environmentally friendly campus.

By Maria Meyer ‘19

No matter the season, BC’s sustainability group, EcoPledge, offers a plethora of engaging activities for every student on campus. In the fall of 2015, EcoPledge sponsored many events, from member gatherings to a huge festival for the entire student body and faculty. General meetings, open to all interested students, discussed topics such as the environmental impact of Christmas trees and sparked activities such as hanging up “BC Conserves” stickers on campus light switches. The biggest event, “Harvestfest,” was held in October. The entire O’Neill quad was filled with pumpkins, apples, cider, and baby farm animals. The event brought the BC community together to celebrate a time of harvest and showcase new and easy ways to be sustainable as the weather starts to get colder.

As the spring semester starts, EcoPledge has many exciting activities planned. A campaign similar to Facebook’s Humans of New York, with brief write-ups about how the people of BC contribute to a greener campus, is a prominent focus for spring. This will enable students to see how their peers and professors are helping to make a difference, inspiring campus-wide change. For students interested in environmental careers, the Green Career Fair will be held on March 22nd, providing an opportunity for students to learn more about their future options. EcoPledge is also involved in Green Week, a time to focus on the environment and sustainability, with a different activity held every day from April 19th- 22nd.  Events are open to all students; specific events and times will be announced soon.

With multiple school-wide events and a media campaign, EcoPledge hopes to promote strides in what every individual, and BC as a whole, can do to make our beautiful campus even greener.

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