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Shaun Pandit ’88: Powering Massachusetts’ Manufacturing Sector for Less


By Tori Scarzello ‘13

As the clean energy industry continues to expand, energy markets fluctuate as different energy supply options become available. While the introduction of more efficient and reliable sources of energy is good for both people and planet, the process of purchasing energy can be confusing and frustrating for consumers who are faced with a variety of energy supply options and prices.

Enter the energy advisor: EarlyBird Power of Milton, Massachusetts, helps customers navigate dynamic energy markets and save money on their utility bills. Founded by Shaun Pandit ‘88 in 2009, EarlyBird is an independently owned and operated certified broker of electricity and natural gas, providing energy management and sustainability solutions to commercial, municipal, and industrial customers throughout the country. With over fourteen years of experience in the electricity and natural gas markets, Pandit applies his market expertise and relationships with wholesale suppliers to help clients make energy purchases that satisfy both their individual business needs and their budgets.

EarlyBird’s emphasis on reliability and savings has earned it a reputation as a trusted resource for energy services and consulting - a reputation that has not gone unnoticed by the state of Massachusetts. In 2014, Governor Deval Patrick selected EarlyBird to manage the Massachusetts Manufacturing Energy Collaborative (MassMEC), a new initiative aimed at supporting the state’s manufacturing sector by making the procurement of electricity and natural gas easier, more efficient and cost effective for businesses in the industry. Created by MassDevelopment, the state-sponsored collaborative is a bulk energy buying program that helps manufacturers and other businesses decrease energy costs by using the purchasing power of participating companies to negotiate volume rates with electricity and natural gas suppliers. The collaborative places businesses with similar energy needs into buying groups where energy usage is aggregated into a bulk power-purchasing group, enabling energy suppliers to offer lower prices that deliver savings to members and lower the region’s carbon footprint.

In the manufacturing industry, where business operations are often very energy-intensive, lower utility costs can have a significant impact on a company’s bottom line. “MassMEC can be a valuable asset, not only for manufacturing companies, but as a tool to grow our regional company,” wrote Pandit in the Worcester Business Journal. When the collaborative launched in April 2014, about 20 businesses signed up. By December, that number had grown to 100, and the collaborative continues to expand. Pandit is focused on continuing to spread the word so that manufacturing companies throughout the state have the opportunity to participate.

As MassCEC’s procurement partner, EarlyBird brings not only experience and expertise to energy procurement negotiations, but also the same reputation for honesty and integrity that has earned the trust of its clients around the country. With a commitment to customer service and green energy, the company offers additional benefits to MassMEC members beyond lower utility costs - such as energy efficiency evaluations to ensure sustainable manufacturing growth, and advice on demand response, energy conservation and on-site renewable energy options.

As the saying goes, the early bird gets the worm. In a rapidly changing market that often lacks transparency, EarlyBird Power is helping Massachusetts manufacturers navigate the energy-buying process - empowering businesses to effectively manage their energy costs with peace of mind. 

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