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BC Career Center Seeks Hosts for 2015 Externship Program

By Tori Scarzello ꞌ13

For alumni looking to engage with and give back to the Boston College community, hosting an externship is a unique and valuable opportunity. The Boston College Externship Program helps undergraduates explore their career interests and gain an understanding of what it would be like to work in a particular field. Organized by the Boston College Career Center, the program connects students who have demonstrated interest in and curiosity about a career field or path with employers for a brief experience-based learning opportunity.

Externship Program 2015

Through the program, mentors help students learn about what a particular job entails, observe the day-to-day operations of the business, and make connections within the host organization. Students receive neither academic credit nor compensation for participating. Instead, the intent is for students to come away from the externship with experiences and insight that will help guide their decisions about a career they would like to pursue. While students benefit from the chance to gain firsthand knowledge of an industry or particular career path, mentors also benefit from the opportunity to deepen relationships with the Boston College community, experience the energy and passion of today’s students, and, for companies seeking new hires, market themselves to very capable job candidates.

This coming year’s program will take place over winter break, from January 5-9, 2015. While the experience is typically for one day, the mentor and student may agree to expand the externship if interest and timing allow. Host locations include the Greater Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. areas, as well as other locations nationwide depending on host availability and student interest.

Get Involved

With the recent introduction of an Environmental Studies major at Boston College and the ever-increasing student interest in energy, environmental, and sustainability careers, now is a better time than ever for alumni in these fields to get involved with the Boston College community through career-focused programs and opportunities. Many BCEEAN members have previously hosted externships and served as mentors – last year, BCEEAN collectively offered ten externships. The Career Center has expressed appreciation of BCEEAN’s participation and encourages alumni to remain involved, acknowledging that more externship offerings are always welcome.

Both first-time and returning hosts are welcome to participate as mentors in the externship program. Alumni interested in hosting an externship at their organization and serving as a mentor can learn more about the program or submit an Externship Host Application by visiting the Career Center’s resource for employers at

Other Opportunities

In addition to the externship program, there are a variety of opportunities occurring throughout the year for alumni to engage with students pursuing careers in energy, the environment, and sustainability. If you would like to learn more about the externship program or other opportunities for sharing your experience and career story with students, please contact BCEEAN at  In your message, please indicate if you are interested in participating in on-campus or virtual events and panels or guest blogging to students. 

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