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What's New in the Political Science Department

March 30, 2017


It has been another busy year in the Political Science Department! Once again, the American political drama has brought more students to our door: Our majors have grown to 870 students. At the same time, we also saw a record number of placements for our PhD students at such institutions as Holy Cross and Arizona State. Here are some further highlights from the past year:

We have also found innovative new ways to teach students how to conduct political science research. Peter Krause enrolled 25 student research assistants for his project National Movements and Political Violence, allowing students to learn and conduct research for books and articles.

Two new faculty members will arrive in September: Lauren Honig (PhD, Cornell) will teach courses on African and comparative politics, and Michael Hartney (PhD, Notre Dame) will teach American political institutions and environmental politics.

A final appeal in the wake of new and emerging political developments: Never, perhaps, in the recent history of Boston College and of our nation has the promotion of "civic formation" mattered so clearly. Your contributions to our programs in support of that vital and urgent task are needed now more than ever.  


Susan Shell
Chair, Political Science Department