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What's New in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department

March 30, 2017


Warm greetings from the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. As the new chair, I'd like to share with you my enthusiasm for where our department is heading. Last fall, our faculty met to shape our departmental mission and vision.

OUR MISSION: Inspiring students through research, education, and outreach to advance scientific knowledge of the earth and its environment, and to embrace the responsibility for its stewardship.

OUR VISION: Every student and citizen inspired by the wonder of the earth, engaged in the issues of the earth, and equipped with the knowledge to responsibly address the environmental challenges facing society.

Here are some examples of our work this year:

  • In December 2016, our department was a key contributor to BC's Advancing Research and Scholarship Day, which focused on the environment. Assistant Professors Jeremy Shakun and Corinne Wong as well as several EES graduate and undergraduate students contributed their research in talks, posters, and discussion panels.
  • A reinvigorated Departmental Speakers Program has brought scholars from across the country to share their latest discoveries.
  • We have been active in BC's core curriculum renewal effort, creating four innovative new core courses in collaboration with faculty in sociology, philosophy, theology, and (coming in 2017–2018) art history.

Our research shines brighter every year, attracting NSF and other external funds, providing numerous student opportunities for fieldwork around the globe (e.g. China, Greece, Brazil) and lab work here at BC (e.g. our SEM facility and new clean lab), leading to publications, invited conference presentations, and increased visibility. Community outreach efforts by Weston Observatory and faculty and students continue to bring our message to the public and K–12 schools. Please visit our website to learn more. We'd love to hear from you about your career and your remembrances of your time at BC.


Ethan Baxter
Chair, Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences