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What's New in the Economics Department

March 30, 2017


Think about how much the world has changed since you graduated, and consider that this year's graduates will hit the prime of their careers sometime between 2035 and 2050. The rapidly changing landscape requires us to be ahead of the curve. 

With that in mind, we have hired three new tech-savvy faculty: 

  • Professor Shakeeb Khan, who has written on infant mortality
  • Associate Professor Pablo Guerron, who has explored Detroit's debt crisis
  • Associate Professor Bumin Yenmez, who is interested in issues around college affirmative action

We think our cutting-edge methods combined with traditional BC values contribute to the amazing success of our students. Quant plus Jesuit ethos adds up to an unbeatable mix. Our students have a sense of what makes for an important problem, the wherewithal to tackle it with data, and the liberal arts training for expressing themselves well. Some are landing fantastic job offers even before their senior year. The word is out: Our students are sought after—and it's because they are complete players. 

Despite all our new hires, you'll still recognize us. Professor Dick Tresch is in his 47th year at BC and still going strong. After 56 years Associate Professor Emeritus Harold Petersen has retired, but he's in his office every day so we've changed his official designation to "retired-but-not-really." See what else is happening in Economics at our website.

In a nutshell, we are—as ever—excelling!


Hideo Konishi
Chair, Economics Department