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What's New in the Classical Studies Department

March 30, 2017


BC Classics had a lot to celebrate this year! Here are some of the highlights: 

  • Associate Professor Gail Hoffman received tenure and a promotion.
  • Two new members joined our faculty: Assistant Professors Hanne Eisenfeld, a specialist in Greek literature, and Mark Thatcher, a Greek historian.
  • Professor Emerita Dia Philippides' project CENSUS of Modern Greek Literature was adopted by the BC Libraries. 

In other news, Assistant Professor Christopher Polt gave talks at the Classical Association of Massachusetts on Catullus' "bad" women, at the CANE Summer Institute on Cicero's translations of Plato, and at CAMWS on animal behavior in Cicero's fragmentary poetry. In addition, Polt and research assistant Mark Hogan, MA'17, started a project to edit C.S. Lewis's unpublished marginalia on classical texts. Professors Eisenfeld and Thatcher organized a conference, which brought 15 classicists from across New England to BC to workshop research in progress.

BC classics students and graduates have also been busy. Carolyn Muller '18 spent her winter break speaking and reading medieval Latin with the Paideia Institute in Paris. John Lansdowne '07 is in Rome on a Rome Prize; Brandon Jones, MA'09, is teaching at the Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies in Rome; and John Bracey, MA'10, won the CAM Excellence in Teaching Award for 2016.

We love to hear from Classical Studies Department graduates. Send us news of your adventures! Joining the BC Classics Facebook group is a great way to keep up with news from the department and the world of classics. Gifts to support our activities (e.g. new books, awards, lectures) can be made through our website.


Kendra Eshleman
Chair, Classical Studies Department