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San Diego Chapter Fall 2015 Newsletter

As a Boston College community here in San Diego we welcome all alumni AND parents of currents students, friends and family. We hope you can find the time to join us! It looks like many of you did not know we exist, so WELCOME! Our events bring together of all ages. We rarely have an event with only one age group, so we hope you give us a chance.

Check out our 2015 Annual Report for an in-depth look at our major highlights from the past year.

Connect with fellow San Diego Eagles and keep a lookout for an upcoming events:

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●     LinkedIn: San Diego Chapter of the Boston College Alumni

●     Twitter: BCAlumniSD

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Upcoming Events

Football Game Watches
This year, like in past years we will hold our alumni game watches downtown at the Beer Co. at 602 Broadway St. They have a loft area that is perfect for a large private group to gather with families with children included.  Parking is least expensive at the lot on Broadway and 8th or at any 1 hour meter around the block if you don't mind feeding it.

Saturday, November 21, 4pm 
BC vs. ND

The Holy War continues! Retro jerseys, walk on quarterbacks and #6 Notre Dame at Fenway. No matter what the result it will make history. We have the entire loft at Beer Co. reserved just in time for happy hour and a chance to upset Notre Dame, the ultimate victory.

Saturday, November 28 
BC vs. Syracuse
Time TBD


Winter Day of Service: The San Diego Food Bank and Lunch at Ballast Point Brewery

Saturday, December 12 
San Diego Food Bank
9850 Distribution Ave, San Diego, California 92121

11:45 Lunch at Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits
9045 Carroll Way, San Diego, CA 92121

We made it through football season and now it is time to get back to what it means to Jesuit-educated. Let's get into the giving season by supporting the The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank. Afterwards we will gather as a community for lunch at nearby Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits. Please RSVP to for further registration instructions. Volunteers must be 6 years or older.
Potential projects:
-Cleaning and packaging fresh produce for immediate distribution.
-Inspecting, sorting, boxing, and labeling food donations.
-Assembling food packages for our Senior Food Program, Moms & Children Food Program, Food Assistance Program, and our Food 4 Kids Backpack Program.


Alumni Profile

Brian Culley MCAS ‘92
CEO of Mast Therapeutics


When did you graduate from BC and with what degrees?

I graduated in 1992 with a B.S. in Biology.

How did you choose Boston College?

My dad worked in the Lynch School of Education.

What is your favorite memory from when you were at school?

The third Monday of April (Boston Marathon & Patriot’s Day).

What was your favorite spot on the Heights?

Tie. White Mountain Creamery and Mod 6A.

Why and when did you move out to San Diego?

1992 to launch a career in biotech.

How do you think the BC Alumni SD Chapter can engage more alumni?

Detailed info specific to local alums. I delete emails about ball games in Seattle or broad-based giving campaigns, but would be interested in alums in biotech, runners, Encinitas residents, etc.

What is something you learned at BC that you have carried with you?

My advisor suggested I dump biology and pursue a career in sociology. I’ve no doubt she did what she thought best, but that experience provided me with an important lesson about finding one’s own way, which I think is a vital part of the collegiate experience. Her profiling of me reminds me of something I spoke about at length recently with Lexi Dwyer from giving; during my tenure, BC had a lot of like-minded students, and I’m hopeful things have evolved since then.


Alumni Profile

Briana Provancha ‘12


When did you graduate from BC and with what degrees?

Boston College Class of 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing

What do you do now here in San Diego?

I am currently doing a 2016 Olympic effort in the sport of Sailing.  I travel quite a lot so I'm not in San Diego often. My family is currently living there, so when I'm home it's mostly to visit with them and catch up with friends.

How did you choose Boston College?

I chose Boston College largely for their nationally recognized sailing team. New England is one of the most competitive areas for collegiate sailing so that was my starting point in researching schools. I fell in love with BC the second I visited.  After many conversations with the coach, Greg Wilkinson, I was confident he and the resources provided by the Boston College athletic program could help me reach my potential as an athlete. The Jesuit community also seemed the right fit for my personal growth, plus who wouldn't want to be in Boston?

What is your favorite memory from when you were at school? Winning nationals my senior senior was a pretty special moment for me.

What was your favorite spot on the Heights?

Sitting in the stands at a football game next to all my friends... you just can't top the energy in that stadium and it's what I miss the most!

Why and when did you move out to San Diego?

I was born and raised in San Diego.

How do you think the BC Alumni SD Chapter can engage more alumni?  I'm not in SD much and therefore I haven't been to that many events so can’t really comment.

What is something you leaned at BC that you have carried with you?  The phrase, "Once an Eagle, Always an Eagle," resonated a lot with me, and it still does. Boston College has such a supporting culture and it blows me away how connected the Boston College network is; it's has that feeling you're part of a bigger family.  It's one of the reasons I want to stay involved in the San Diego alumni chapter to stay connected to past and future Eagles so I'm able to return the support that so many Eagles have given me.


Upcoming Opportunities

Dinner with Eight Strangers: Young Alumni Mentoring

Let's strengthen our professional networks by trying something new! Are you an alum over the age of 35 who would host eight other alumni for dinner in an effort to support young alumni. The idea is for four alumni over 35 and four alumni under 35 to come together to break bread and hopefully forge lasting partnerships.

Depending on interest, the goal will be to match eight professionals in similar or tangential fields. Please email Lissa Tsu at if a) you are an alum over 35 who would host eight for dinner; b) you are an alum over 35 who would like to attend to potentially mentor young alumni, but cannot host at this time; c) you are an alum under the age of 35 who would like to attend. Please include the field of work you are in.


Are you a journalist, blogger or writer? We are looking for contributors to the BC Alumni SD blog, so please email us at if you are interested. 


Past Events

June 2015: Second Annual Alumni Mass and Breakfast

About 50 BC alumni, family, and friends — ranging from those graduating in the 1950s to a member of the class entering this fall — attended the chapter’s annual Mass and reception today.

St Therese
Celebrating the Mass in St. Therese Chapel at Cathedral Catholic High School was Peter Gyves, SJ, ’73, ’94, ’08, associate pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, the only Jesuit parish in San Diego.
Fr Gyves
Fr. Gyves leads Mass.

A reception followed on the school grounds. Here’s a gallery of photos from both the Mass and reception.

St. Therese Chapel, Cathedral Catholic High School
Lissa Tsu
Lissa Tsu ’00, right, and husband/classmate Brian, second from right, check in arrivals.
Reader Bob Nascenzi ’78
Reader Mary Ann Scott ’75
Reception following on school grounds
Reception following on school grounds
Light the World Campaign