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A Reunion Record

reunion record
Committee members are (from left) Jeffrey P. Somers; Frank E. Previte; John J. O'Toole, Jr.; James J. Mahoney, Jr.; and John F. Guthrie, Jr.; and (not pictured) Douglas R. LaBrecque and John E. Cotter, Jr.

“Our lives were indelibly shaped by Boston College,” says Jim Mahoney ’65, who, with a handful of other alumni volunteers, has formed the Class of 1965 Legacy Committee. Their vision: to inspire classmates to honor their 50th reunion through legacy gifts.

“Our 50th reunion is a chance to look back, review­ing all that’s transpired in half a century,” says Mahoney. “And it’s an opportunity to leave our own legacy for tomorrow’s students.”

Mahoney and his col­leagues came together after their 45th reunion, motivated by their own experiences as members of the Shaw Society, which honors those who remember the University in a will, trust, or other planned gift. They felt certain that others in their class would welcome the chance to give back in the same way.

Together they created BC’s first-ever reunion-based legacy committee, and the results so far have been dra­matic. Thanks to their efforts, the Class of 1965 now boasts more Shaw Society members than any other class, with gifts going to support finan­cial aid, athletics, and other Light the World campaign priorities.

“I am so grateful to BC, because it changed my life and those of my family and company,” says committee member and University Trustee Frank E. Previte ’65. “I hope that my legacy gift and the work that I do will help BC to compete for the best students.”

Along the way, the seven committee members found sharing the legacy giving story to be surprisingly satisfying. “It’s a great way to reconnect with old friends and swap BC stories,” says John Guthrie ’65, MBA’67. They’ve enjoyed deepening their relationship with their alma mater as well, speaking with pride of the University’s rise.

“BC is a wonderful school,” says Mahoney, “and while it’s changed in 50 years, its heart and soul remain the same: a Jesuit university that teaches service to others and lives its timeless values. It’s my hope that my legacy gift supports this important mis­sion for years to come.” 

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