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The T

Boston is a city rich in history. From Fenway Park to the Freedom Trail, visitors can enjoy learning about the history of our country and seeing it.

And although there’s no great memorial or statue in its honor, Boston is home to the first subway system in the U.S.—the T. And if this is your first time in Boston, here are some tips for navigating the MBTA.  

The MBTA subway is divided into five lines or colors: the Red Line, the Green Line, the Blue Line, the Orange Line, and the Silver Line. There is also the Purple Line, which is the commuter rail and it has several branches that take commuters to and from Boston from the surrounding suburbs.

The Green Line is divided into four branches: the B Line, the C Line, the D Line, and the E line. Boston College is the last stop on the B Line branch, a branch which runs down Commonwealth Ave. The C Line runs down Beacon Street and its last stop is Cleveland Circle. The D Line runs through Longwood, where a number of hospitals are located, as well as Brookline. The E Line runs along Huntington Avenue and has stops for the Museum of Fine Arts, Northeastern University, and Symphony Hall.

Getting To and From BC

B Line:

If you are thinking that the easiest way to get to BC is by taking the B Line all the way, you’re wrong. This can take FOREVER, especially if you are coming from a downtown hotel.  

Here’s a trick that can help you save time. Take the Green Line to Kenmore Station. There, the Green Line forks out into three branches: the B Line (Boston College), the C Line (Cleveland Circle) and the D Line (Riverside). Any of those lines can get you to BC. How? Read on.

C Line:

Take the C Line all the way to Cleveland Circle. It has fewer stops than the B-line. Once you reach Cleveland Circle, cross the street walking towards the 7-Eleven and Cityside Bar. Continue along Chestnut Hill Avenue until you come to a Bank of America. You’ll see a glass enclosed bus stop there for the buses run by the MBTA. This is a bus stop for the BC Shuttle Bus, a free bus that will bring you back to campus. You don’t need to show an ID—just get on, and the bus will take you back.

D Line:

Take the D Line outbound toward Riverside. Get off at the Reservoir stop. At the top of the stairs, you will see a half circle “driveway” where cabs and other cars can drop-off and pick up passengers. The BC bus will stop here and bring you back to campus. This is the fastest way to get to BC. The D Line doesn’t run on the street so it doesn’t make stops at street lights.  


The MBTA also has a variety of bus lines that can get you around the city. And in some cases, they are a faster option than the T. The 86 bus stops at Reservoir T stop and can get you to Harvard Square much faster than taking the Green Line to the Red Line. Harvard Square is a vibrant area and a great place to go see when you visit your student at BC. It’s a lot easier to get to than you think!

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