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Jody Kent Lavy ’02

Jody Kent Lavy '02

“BC opened my eyes,” says Jody Kent Lavy. She came to BC determined to become a sportscaster. Social service programs here and a semester in South Africa brought her face to face with stark inequities of race and class. By the time she joined the Jesuit Volunteer Corps after graduation, she knew she wanted to devote her career to challenging those inequities.

Now, as director and national coordinator of the Campaign for the Fair Sentencing of Youth, she advocates tirelessly for those sentenced to life in prison without parole for crimes committed as minors.

She was awaked to the issue as a JVC volunteer in juvenile hall, watching children chained in line at the waist led by guards. “Despite being completely dehumanized, they had sweet young faces,” she remembers. “It was a life-changing experience.”

What has been the most satisfying moment in your professional life?

This can be really frustrating work, of course, but also really satisfying when you feel like you’ve connected with someone. I recently wrote a piece for The Washington Post and heard from several people whose children have been imprisoned seemingly forever. Knowing that I’m giving them a voice is a powerful motivator to keep going.

In your personal life?

It’s a tie: getting married, and having a baby.

What is your next goal?

Figure out how to pull off being a working mom and do a great job at both.

What is the secret to success?

I wish I knew! I think passion is really important. When you love something, it’s hard to fail.

Why did you decide to attend BC?

I was interested in Jesuit theology, and I loved BC’s emphasis on social justice.

What is one thing everyone should do while at BC?

Volunteer. There are so many great volunteer opportunities where you can really leave your comfort zone.

What was your favorite BC activity?

I am a huge Eagles fan, and my sweetest memories are of those great football Saturdays in the fall. I also remember a spontaneous road trip to see the Eagles play Notre Dame. We borrowed a friend’s parent’s old Mercedes––it was such a cool  experience. And BC won!

How much can you sing of the BC fight song?

Every word!

Where is your favorite spot at the Heights?

I loved running around the reservoir.

How have you changed since graduation?

So many ways I can’t even name them.

Where did you live freshman year?

Keyes North.

What was your favorite BC class?

PULSE, or maybe Challenge of Justice, which was part of my faith, peace, and justice minor.

What was your favorite BC activity?

I called hockey games for the radio station, WZBC. I even got to do one football game.

What was the best meal at the BC dining hall?

Anything on the Stuart late-night menu.

What was your first job?

As a sophomore, I worked on the reception desk in the Edmunds weight room.

What do you look forward to each day?

When Clara, my daughter, giggles: it’s the greatest thing in the world right now.

What is something your friends don’t know about you?

Most probably don’t know that I was, very briefly, a wedding DJ, getting everyone on the floor to do the Electric Slide and the chicken dance.

Who would play you in the film version of your life?

Jodi Foster. I’ve been told that I look like her. She’s so intense in Silence of the Lambs, working with prisoners.

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