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City Approves Residence Hall

Improvements to the BC campus continue with the approval of a new residence hall.

The Boston Redevelopment Authority approved the construction of a 490-bed residence at 2150 Commonwealth Ave. The 245,000-square-foot facility, which will be built on the site of More Hall at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and St. Thomas More Road, is expected to open in 2016; construction will begin in late spring 2014.

BRA approval of the residence hall project is a key step toward realizing the University’s Institutional Master Plan (IMP), as the BRA had made it a preliminary requirement before BC could proceed with other building projects within the City of Boston.

The 10-year IMP includes plans to raze Edmonds Hall and build a new recreation complex in its place, as well as a student center on the Lower Campus and fine arts facilities and playing fields on the Brighton Campus.    

Learn more about the new residence hall project and the IMP.

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