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Donor Spotlight

Eva Marie Carey '78, P'14

Eva Marie Carey '78, P'14, with family

Boston College set Eva Marie Carey '78, P'14, on a path that would take her to the Alaskan wilderness but would ultimately bring her back to the Heights.

"BC instilled in me a desire to help those in need that has never left me," she says.

As a physician specializing in emergency medicine, Carey has served her Anchorage community for 30 years. Now, through a recent bequest to the University, she and her husband, Ron Dailey, have found a way to assist BC students in perpetuity.


If you grow up in a Boston College family, as I did in Westport, Conn., you always hear the glowing stories. My father and brother graduated from BC and my sister from Newton College. Several other relatives are alumni as well. So attending BC was an easy choice, and now our daughter, Rebecca, is a sophomore carrying that tradition forward.


The Heights is more beautiful now than ever, especially with the building of Stokes Hall and the new green space at O'Neill Library. You can see how much today's students appreciate being here. Every time I return is a homecoming—connecting me to both my own undergraduate days and to my family's BC legacy.


Reviewing our estate plan provided a great opportunity to think through what Boston College means to us—and how we can help future students benefit from one of the most distinctive liberal arts educations in the country. We decided to establish the Carey Family Endowed Scholarship Fund, which will provide financial aid to deserving students—and will hopefully bring more Alaskans to BC. For us, it's the perfect way to honor our family history and live the University's mission of service to others.

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