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In Their Own Words

Q&A with the Light the World Co-chairs

The Light the World campaign recently surpassed its historic $1.5 billon goal and continues to set records as the May 31 campaign close approaches. To date, more than 130,000 alumni, parents, and friends have contributed to BC's campaign priorities. Here, the co-chairs discuss the campaign's ongoing successes and the work that remains.

Charles I. Clough Jr. '64, P'87, '93, '98

Charles I. Clough Jr. '64, P'87, '93, '98

How does Light the World differ from previous BC campaigns?

We found early on that donors were inspired by the campaign's broad scope and ambitious goals—both financial and otherwise. The earlier campaigns were designed to fund specific needs. Light the World was the first to fund programs that would directly benefit BC students. It had a building and infrastructure component, of course, but it also provided the opportunity to improve the quality of academic life on campus and the student experience.

Why is this campaign so effective?

We reached new groups of donors, including alumni who graduated in the 1980s and 1990s, and BC parents, whose resource commitment has been a major part of our success. For me, the sense of unity and the unwavering enthusiasm among BC's alumni, parents, and friends is something I am very proud of and will never forget.

Bill Geary

William J. Geary '80

What's changed because of this campaign?

What Light the World did was to raise everyone's sights relative to the incredible journey of Boston College. It was another step in its evolution from a regional to a national to a global university and thought leader. It has put BC on a very different plane and trajectory, perhaps more than anyone could have imagined.

Why should BC donors continue to give?

Let me tell you my story. I was a kid from inner-city Boston who grew up in a housing project and whose life was transformed by attending Boston College, thanks to the generous donors who came before me.

Right now, there are other qualified kids—just like me—who are applying to BC and will depend on the financial aid we're raising now. That need still exists; it transcends any campaign, which is why we encourage all donors to continue their support, especially through May 31.


Kathleen M. McGillycuddy NC'71

What has this campaign meant to Boston College?

More than anything, Light the World has solidified our place globally as a top-tier Jesuit, Catholic institution with great clarity about who we are and what we want to do.

What comes next?

While we should be immensely proud, our work is never done. We are not wealthy in comparison to peer institutions, so we must continue to focus on the future, including gifts through the end of this fiscal year. Providing financial support for the University is a lifetime commitment.

Boston College Alumni and Friends