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Advent Reflections

ReflectionsAdvent Reflection

By Tiziana Dearing, co-director of the Center for Social Innovation at Boston College

Tiziana Dearing is professor for macro practice at the Boston College School of Social Work, co-director of the Center for Social Innovation, and founding co-director of Research in Social, Economic and Environmental Equity (RISE3).

Advent Reflections 2017

Christmas Reflection

I originally set out to write this reflection about Mary. She was a woman whose everyday faith nevertheless demonstrated immense courage, who carried the weight of the world, of God’s commitment to his people, in her womb. As such, she became at once a testament to humility and the mother of our faith, one who took the ultimate step to help build “peace, love, justice and truth” on earth. I cannot move forward without acknowledging her and expressing my gratitude to and for her. » Click here to read more


Fourth Sunday of Advent

I became president of Catholic Charities for the Archdiocese of Boston in September 2007. That first November, while I was at one of our centers helping prepare for the annual Thanksgiving turkey distribution, one of the senior staff told me, “I think there’s someone upstairs you need to see.” She took me upstairs, sat me down in the cold vestibule between two front doors on a metal chair next to a woman with grocery bags, and introduced us. » Click here to read more

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