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Lenten Reflections


Welcome to Lenten Reflections for 2015 authored by John Glynn, STM’11. Please join us each week for a new Reflection.


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Lenten Reflections 2015

Lenten Reflections: Second Sunday of Lent

Natasha Lopez, '15, used this piece by Fr. Breault, S.J. on a retreat recently to start her talk entitled “How to Decide How to Love.” She went on to say that her knowing how to love others starts with knowing that she is loved – something we sometimes forget in the day-to-day of busy work, deadlines, and performance reviews (or in other words for students: grades). Before she can allow love and acceptance of herself to take root through all the muck, she has to do some hollowing out. I don't think she's the only one.  » Read more

Lenten Reflections: First Sunday of Lent

Mark’s Gospel this week speaks to something quite dear to me: the notion of Kairos. Kairos is a Greek word meaning time and is used in the Gospels to signify the moments when God breaks into our lives.  Kairos is the right time for God’s action, the opportune moment of invitation. Kairos is when eternity steps into time.  » Read more

Lenten Reflections: Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday, and all over the world we celebrate today by staining our foreheads with ashes. It’s a simple sign of our place in the order of things, but I’ve found myself thinking a lot about it over the past few years: what it means to me, why we do it, and how it serves to mark the beginning of our Lenten journey to Easter. » Read more

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