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Advent Reflections

Advent Reflections 2014

Reflection for Christmas Day 2014
Christmas Day

There is nothing quite as contemplative as rocking a sleeping infant, resting with their heart pressed to yours, the warmth and weight of the little body providing a meditative caress. Love is incarnate in this precious, tiny person. » Click here to read more

Reflection for Fourth Sunday of Advent 2014
Fourth Sunday of Advent

The Advent wreath is in full flame now as we light the last candle for the Fourth Sunday of Advent. In today’s Gospel reading,  the story of the Annunciation, the angel Gabriel announces to Mary that she will conceive and bear the son of God (Lk 1:26-38). » Click here to read more

Reflection for Third Sunday of Advent 2014
Third Sunday of Advent

As we begin the third week of Advent, we are fully engaged in active waiting. Here in the Northern Hemisphere the amount of natural daylight diminishes at a rapid rate. But now the encroaching darkness is somewhat offset by the growing number of Christmas lights sparkling on and within houses and businesses. » Click here to read more

Reflection for Second Sunday of Advent 2014
Second Sunday of Advent

The Gospel readings for the Second and Third Sundays of Advent (Mark 1:1-8 and John 1:6-8, 19-28) both focus on John the Baptist, a rather eccentric figure living in the desert, clear about who he was and who he was not: John was not the Messiah, but one preparing the way with “a baptism of repentance for the forgiveness of sins.”   » Click here to read more

First Sunday of Advent

In New England, Advent comes on the heels of autumn and bare trees signal a shift in seasons, an ending  echoing the end times proclaimed in the Sunday readings that mark the close of the Church year. » Click here to read more

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